The future biggest public park in Riyadh

  • Location Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
  • Client Arriyadh Development Authority (ADA)
  • Area 940,000 sqm
  • Credits Joint Venture with Omrania

The design of what will be the biggest public park in Arriyadh will ensure that it is a sustainable and natural recreation area, linking in with the design precedent created by the regeneration of the Wadi Hanifah.

Arriyadh’s rapid growth both in physical development and rising population numbers has put pressure on the existing yet limited areas of public open space in the city, such as Salam Park and the King Abdul Aziz Historical Centre. The requirements for additional public open space is high, particularly as the current figure of 4.5 million people is expected to rise to 10 million in 2020. The addition of a new park is important as a leisure facility for the people of Arriyadh. The successful regeneration of the Wadi Hanifah has been a welcome addition to the leisure facilities provided to the people of Arriyadh, and the Western and South Western area of the city will also benefit from this additional leisure space. Created by Prince Sattam Park. This is an exciting opportunity to provide the people of Arriyadh with an interesting alternative to what is already available within the city.

Prince Sattam Park will be known for its innovation and vision, completed to achieve sustainability and to become an intrinsic part of the Wadi Laban and its environmental characteristics. To further ensure that the project follows the sustainable principles of the wider Wadi Hanifah project, the planting palette for the park needs to be suitable for the climate in Arriyadh and also well integrated with the existing indigenous plants on site.

The park covers a total area of 940,000 m2 of which 570,000 m2 is at the base of the wadi and reserved for the landscaped park, on the top of the wadi slopes is additional land covering an area of 370,000 m2 it could become part of the landscaped area of the park or be a part of the extensive treatment of the site.


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