A new community that aims to be one of Riyadh’s finest destinations

  • Location Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
  • Client Private

Tbayya Land masterplan is located on the western fringe of Riyadh within the prized Wadi Hanifah Valley.

At the heart of the Tbayya scheme is a resort proposal which aims to be one of Riyadh’s finest leisure destinations. With a range of facilities, including a spa and a small wedding / conference centre, it will be a tranquil desert getaway away from the stresses of the city centre. The centrepiece of the resort is a five-star hotel which sits atop a low knoll and commands impressive views of the wadi floor. With some 100 rooms and 18 guest house suites, it will offer guests a unique experience in a truly natural setting.

In addition to the resort the rest of the site will become a new low density residential development, accommodating over 140 residential units of varying sizes, set into a high quality landscape along with a sports club and a restaurant oriented to the main Wadi Hanifah.

The residential community is presented as a village at the lower part of the site. Residential accommodation is conceived as high quality units with manageable space for both couples and families, particularly targeting the expatriate professional and short-term rental market. The sports club is proposed to include tennis courts, swimming and passive leisure functions in addition to walkways, seating areas and an appropriate level of retail, management and maintenance accommodation.

As a desert retreat it is vital that both residents and guests can experience an authentic natural setting and therefore the proposed buildings will be presented in appropriate local materials including both dressed and rustic Riyadh stone, render, tan concrete, timber and reed thatch. The proposed landscape setting will create a unique environment which will extend the high quality work undertaken to date within the Wadi Hanifah environmental improvement works.

The development density is proposed to comply with similar low density schemes in the Wadi Hanifah and its tributaries, where the need to accommodate storm water events controls the quantum of development that can be provided.


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